Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Wedding.

This weekend I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding ever. I'll be honest--I was pretty intimidated! The responsibility of capturing the emotion on a very obviously poignant day in the lives of these friends was enormous. However, their natural joy and easy-going personalities made my job a pretty easy one. I'm not a huge fan of posed pictures, so I spent my time sneaking around and grabbing shots of everyone in the moment. It was a blast. Thanks to the very talented and fantastic Jessica, who I referred to as the "primary" photographer (I was her "secondary"), we shot the wedding from beginning to end and had a great time doing it. 

From the couple to the flower girl and ring-bearer (adorable twins) to the location (my parents' house!) to the families, this day was definitely a day I will never forget. I ended the day with achy feet and a bug bite or two, but most importantly, a camera stuffed with the remnants of an amazing day!