Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still Here!

I'm alive! I'm still here!

After a very fun holiday break, I'm back, with more bookings! Here are a few shoots I had the privilege of doing during the holidays. This was the first white Christmas I can remember in a while, so it was fun to bundle up and run into the chilly weather to capture some sweet moments with sweet friends.

One of the best things about my little side job as a photographer is the chance to catch up with amazing people from my past. Andrew, whom I've known since middle school, recently contacted me to take engagement pics! We met up in our old hometown and caught up each other's lives during the shoot. His fiance, Heather, was so sweet. This was definitely a fun shoot!

Then, after New Year's, I bundled up again and headed into the arctic temps with my precious friends, Russell and Erin. They will be celebrating the birth of their little girl, Emery Mae, in March. This is such a sweet time in their lives and I was honored that they asked me to capture it for them. Even if it meant trekking through the icy snow and frequent trips back to the car to warm up!!

Happy New Year!