Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Koenig Family.

When the forecast called for rain this morning, I was more than excited. There's nothing sweeter than grabbing an umbrella and trouncing through a little rainstorm to produce adorable and classic pictures.


As the morning progressed, the 'little rainstorm' turned into a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. My brave friends still came out for our scheduled shoot and we found an old building with a loading dock to use as our set. The tin roof over the dock was leaky, but we managed to obtain a 4x4 foot square of dry ground to make the shoot happen. This is why I love doing candid natural light photography. From the tin walls to the raindrops on Gary's shirt, this shoot absolutely exemplified the day. I don't want to create moments, I want to capture them. I think we succeeded in that today, with some shivers and thunderclouds to boot.